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14th March 2016

Digital dependency gathers momentum

More options than ever are being made available to enhance the time business travellers spend on the move and their dependency on mobile devices and tools continues to increase.

Last year, the number of global mobile users overtook the number of desktop users. We’ve also seen transportation services that allow travellers to find a ride with just the touch of a button. And an emailed receipt provides an easier option than the old pile of paper receipts for those tracking business travel expenses.

The popularity of digital wallets from services like Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and PayPal is another of the business travel trends making it easier for travellers to keep expenses all in one place.

In addition to these digital business travel trends that are reshaping how people do business on the road, we’re also seeing an increase in the free services offered by hotels. Hotels are offering free wifi, for instance, in order to attract more travellers who are visiting on business.

The higher spending, experiential traveller will demand a higher level of services and products. Customers of the future are more likely to choose travel companies that protect the interests of travellers, understand their needs, use the same technologies, and understand their habits and buying patterns.

Travel companies will need to keep pace with the tools and technology to appropriately manage this growing segment of the travel business that places more demands on providers of travel services.

The new business traveller sees travel as an opportunity to network, find inspiration and close business deals on the fly.