Payment and Expense Solutions

Automate expenses to gain total visibility of spend

It’s a fact that savings is at the heart of the expense topic, but that’s only one reason why an automated solution is what companies should strive for today. By connecting and integrating your payment and expense systems, you’re not only saving time and money; you’re also gaining control and boosting compliance.

End-to-end payment and expense management has been de rigueur for large companies for years. With the growth of open booking and the rise in pay-as-you-go style systems means that end-to-end is now a possibility for all companies.

3SIXTY focuses on the best solution for your company, no matter what the size of your travel programme. Whether you want a single solution or need to integrate multiple systems worldwide, we advise on the right platform as a means of improving travel processes across the board.

Breaking it down

We look for cost savings and improvements in the following areas:

  • Payment options and solutions
  • Development and implementation of expense management systems