Supplier Sourcing

Improve your purchasing power and lower costs

Regardless of the type of company or industry, most excess cost can be found in the supply chain. If you’re looking to cut costs, opportunities to find waste are abundant here. Whether your travellers are buying airfares, renting cars or booking hotel nights, you can help them get more for less with the right sourcing strategies.

3SIXTY uses a strategic sourcing approach to help impact the cost, quality and performance of the suppliers in your supply chain. And in a climate of increasing costs and greater demand, travel buyers need a solid strategy to hit cost-saving targets.

We have the knowledge, experience and tactics you need to negotiate the best deals with the best suppliers. In addition to the sourcing process, 3SIXTY will work with you to identify your key business drivers and output required from the new suppliers.

Breaking it down

From supplier evaluation and selection to supplier analyses to RFPs, we can help you improve the quality of your suppliers and significantly lower the cost of services across the entire travel category, including:

  • Airline and hotel sourcing
  • Online booking tool selection
  • Payment and expense management solutions
  • Travel management company selection