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1st February 2016

So what exactly is Big Data?

So, what exactly is travel-specific Big Data? And, more to the point, how can you use it? Like many industry

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25th January 2016

The pros and cons of ‘split ticketing’

Access to better rail ticket prices has been made easier in recent years with the development of bookings tools focused

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18th January 2016

Cutting carbon emissions in the spotlight

In the UK we have just experienced the warmest and wettest December since 1910. We all know about global warming

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4th January 2016

Getting compliance right

The foundation of successful travel programme management has always been some form of policy. Better compliance to the travel policy

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14th December 2015

The end-to-end T&E solution

According to a recent survey, UK travel managers would look to implement an end-to-end travel and expense solution to improve

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7th December 2015

How to get SBT implementation right

Taking the time to correctly build policies and supplier contracts into your self-booking tool can pay huge dividends. Driving higher

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30th November 2015

Pre-paid cards could be the answer

Surveys show nearly two-thirds of travel managers are loosening the reins and allowing their employees to make their own travel

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23rd November 2015

How robust is your travel management risk programme?

Following the shocking terrorist activities in Paris last week and the now increased threat level to security in many countries

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16th November 2015

Airport security and traveller stress

In the wake of the Sharm el-Sheikh disaster, aviation experts have said a new international framework is needed to prevent

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9th November 2015

Meetings spend in your corporate programme

Meetings often represent a fragmented and uncontrolled spend category. By integrating travel and meetings departments, companies position themselves to reap

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2nd November 2015

Managing global ground transport

Ground transportation, including everything from local cab companies to chauffeurs, is a fragmented and difficult sector to manage for the

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26th October 2015

Which loyalty programme?

For regular business travellers frequent flyer rewards have long been a perk of the job, something that makes regular business

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19th October 2015

The NDC debate

The NDC debate is hotting up nicely. Industry figures are speaking out, with Svend Leirvaag, Amadeus Vice President for Industry

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12th October 2015

How to drive online booking tool adoption

Simplicity is the key to driving online booking tool adoption. Travellers like an easy to use booking system which they

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5th October 2015

Does your account manager deliver value?

From initial implementation and throughout your TMC partnership your account manager should act as your single point of contact and

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28th September 2015

Defining employers’ duty of care

Businesses have a corporate duty of care and a legal requirement to properly prepare their employees for travel and support

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22nd September 2015

How realistic are your savings?

Ever wondered how realistic the savings reports supplied by your TMC are? Such reports sometimes show savings achieved by comparing

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14th September 2015

A glimpse of the future

A recent white paper about corporate travel says: “In 2020, managed travellers will experience greater automation, will have access to

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7th September 2015

The impact of ‘bleisure’ travel

Travel managers and TMCs may be horrified to know that one of the trends gaining ground in the past few

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3rd September 2015

Airbnb wins corporates over

In May this year I wrote about the meteoric rise of Airbnb – the community-driven hospitality company and part of

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24th August 2015

The dark side of hypermobility

A recent study at a University in Sweden warned of the ‘dark side of hypermobility’, which means frequent flyers are

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17th August 2015

Hotel RFP season comes round again

At 3SIXTY we are preparing for hotel RFP season – that time of year when you think about your hotel

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10th August 2015

Energy companies cutting back

Energy companies have traditionally operated fairly generous travel programmes, with business class travel and four or five-star hotels the norm,

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3rd August 2015

Can low-cost rail steam ahead?

Back in March the FirstGroup submitted a formal track access rights application to the Office of Rail and Road to

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27th July 2015

Why NDC matters to you

There has been a lot of discussion about NDC over the last few years so it is surprising that some

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20th July 2015

Let’s have two new runways

Despite the Airports Commission’s report recommending an additional runway at Heathrow, the debate is set to continue with Gatwick (unsurprisingly)

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13th July 2015

Are US airlines conspiring to keep airfares high?

The US Justice Department is investigating whether some of America’s biggest airlines have colluded to keep airfares high, striking at

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6th July 2015

Low-cost long haul travel

It seems there are more reasons why a low-cost carrier (LCC) should not enter the transatlantic market than why they

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29th June 2015

Sustainability in business travel

From a sustainability point of view, business travel is a complex issue. It’s important for building relationships, and in many

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22nd June 2015

Airline innovation in question

Who says no one cares about the traveller? Here are two recent developments that are prioritising the needs of the

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15th June 2015

The fallout of direct distribution

Last week I commented on the Lufthansa announcement that starting in September it would charge passengers a fee for tickets

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8th June 2015

The Lufthansa conundrum

Announced this week, the Lufthansa group’s new distribution structure leaves corporate travel buyers two options: pay the new ‘DCC’ fee

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1st June 2015

Monitoring supplier performance

Monitoring the performance of your suppliers is key, but it can easily be neglected. When performance monitoring is undertaken, the

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1st June 2015

When private jets are cheaper

Flying on our own private jet seems like a dream for most of us and would only happen if we

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18th May 2015

Ryanair’s pricing habits

I read an interesting article last week about Ryanair and the shameless way they charge UK travellers more than passengers

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11th May 2015

‘Squatter rates’ infiltrate the airline business

Back in February I wrote about some of the challenges faced when changing airline suppliers, including the impact of frequent

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5th May 2015

Demographic dilemmas

An interesting session at the recent Institute of Travel Management (ITM) Conference in Scotland highlighted global ‘mega trends’ covering issues

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27th April 2015

What women want

I was recently thinking about the increasing number of lone female business travellers and if their requirements differ to that

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20th April 2015

The role of videoconferencing

Increasingly, as companies work to optimise their travel policy and compliance, they are also evaluating the reasons why business trips

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13th April 2015

The future is intuitive

Your online booking tool will have been designed to display all available travel options that meet your travel search criteria,

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27th March 2015

Successful airline sourcing

In order to achieve a successful airline programme it’s important to have a good, honest, relationship with the airline representative

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20th March 2015

The sticky subject of oil

The price of oil has dropped dramatically, but why aren’t airlines following suit with their surcharges? Virgin Atlantic recently reported

Press Release

17th March 2015

The Business Travel Magazine March 2015

Read what everyone, including Lesley, is talking about…….! http://content.yudu.com/htmlReader/A3h4k1/TBTMMARCH2015/reader.html?page=11

Press Release

13th March 2015

Budget Hotels: The Business Travel Magazine March 2015

Offering low rates and cutting else style, a new wave of budget hotel brands is spearheading growth in the cheap

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13th March 2015

Watch out for the small print in hotel contracts

The hotel market seems particularly bullish at the moment, with PwC now forecasting that London will have its highest occupancy

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6th March 2015

The key to auditing your TMC’s Performance

A prerequisite of any managed travel programme is the ability to monitor and measure success, but are you auditing your

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27th February 2015

Why BSP matters to travel managers

BSP is the central point through which data and funds flow between travel agents and airlines, and it is the


27th February 2015

‘Auditing travel management companies must start at RFP stage’

Measuring the success of a travel management company (TMC) must start at the request for proposal (RFP) stage, a conference

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13th February 2015

Staying connected in the air

In 2014, The European Aviation Safety Agency determined that electronic devices such as mobile phones do not pose a safety


8th February 2015

See you at the Business Travel Show

Come to the Business Travel Show on 25 February to hear Chris Reynolds’ take on the best way to audit