Travel Programme Optimisation

Make Better Travel Programme Decisions

At its core, travel programme optimisation is about making better decisions. 3SIXTY works with you to evaluate how effective your travel programme really is. With our experience, we can offer strategies and first-hand processes that will drive savings and improve how your company travels as a whole.

From the basics like which hotels you choose to stay in and the airlines you choose to fly, to choosing the right expense tool, we assess your travel programme from the ground up. The end game? We want to impact the cost-effectiveness of your programme and we’ll customize an approach that will help you meet specific cost-saving objectives while selecting the best industry suppliers for you.

Breaking it down

Working with you, 3SIXTY will identify simple and quick improvements to various elements of your travel programme. We will take an in-depth look at all aspects of your programme and recommend a cost-reduction plan to maximise savings and improve your buying power and strategy. Our focus areas include:

  • Travel Policy review and development
  • Gap analysis and financial audits
  • Multinational programme development and consolidation
  • Introduction of new technologies