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11th July 2016

Travel manager challenges

Whilst doing a little research to understand the key challenges for today’s travel managers I was unsurprised to note that very little had changed from the last year and possibly even the year before.

What are the key challenges today?


This continues to be an issue and whilst travellers believe it’s cheaper and more efficient to book off-programme it will not be going away soon. Firstly it’s important to understand the drivers for booking elsewhere. Generally it is about content and booking efficiency. Ensure the content is there, the rates are available and the booking processes are user friendly and simplified.

Traveller and booker behavior

Until you address the reasons why the traveller makes the choices they do, you will struggle to keep the programme on track. Ensure travel policy and guidelines are up to date and accessible. Frequently communicate the benefits of booking within the programme, both for the organization and personally as a corporate traveller.

Duty of care

Following the recent and continued terrorist attacks the ability to track and care for employees whilst travelling has become critical. Ensure you robust processes in place to support your employees whilst travelling and feel confident as a business that you have every eventuality covered.


In the current climate, it’s a fact of life that many organisations continue to be tasked with reducing year-on-year travel spend, and this trend is unlikely to change any time soon. Tackling leakage and traveller behavior will help.


The ability to schedule, run and download your reports exactly when you want them will give you the full visibility you need to review, challenge and change behaviors.

Finally, communication, a robust communication programme is a must.